Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I have been accidentally disturbed by many photos in my nursing textbooks. Two images I can't seem to get out of my head are a three-finger amputation and genital warts. I have never been so thankful to be healthy.


Angela said...

On the subject of images burned in to a person's brain . . . Trent and I have been at the world's largest farm machinery show in Louisville, KY for the past couple of days and I've got a few images that I wish would go away. 1 - Old men (unable to walk) driving motorized carts while having a full plastic cup of beer in one of their hands 2 - The most one-armed men I have ever seen in my life 3 - A camo cowboy hat 4 - Girls wearing tight, tight Wranglers with cans of skoal in their back pockets.

Live Rabbit Fur said...

Seeing a lot of one armed men would probably blow my mind. I have this weird thing where i always THINK i see a one armed person and then they turn around. It happens sometimes with imagined deformities, too.

Chris B. said...

How about a one-armed man with a camo cowboy hat, tight jeans w/skoal in the pocket, and a beer in his (only) hand driving a motorized cart with his feet?

Angela - you need to move up north a bit.

Chris B. said...

... and genital warts.

John said...

Remember the slide show? "Hey wait, did that guy have one arm?"

Anonymous said...

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