Friday, January 05, 2007

It has recently become clear once again that I have an extremely addictive personality. The thing is that I am not necessarily drawn to any of the usual vices (cigarettes, alcohol, sex) and my addictions can change over time. Past fixations include caffeine, Tony Hawk, sudoku. Current habits are an 18 year long addiction to lip balm, logic puzzles, and Veronica Mars.


Chris B. said...

I hesitate to bring it up but what about Klax and Katamari Damaci?

Lady Di )O( said...

I shake if I go an hour or so without my Cherry Chap-Stik.

Oh, hell yes.

byrdeye said...

You're unloved, aren't you?

You need more oxytocin (love hormone) to balance out your dopamine (happiness hormone) levels...which unchecked alone is causing your addictive personality.

Kids with 2 stable, loving parents typically have a high baseline oxytocin level - but perhaps you lacked this and it sent you on a spiral of addictions and attention-whoring to compensate.